Friday, July 9, 2010

Google:1, TAB: 0

The Average Broad: you are not going to believe this. on my google ads box on my blog, there is an ad for "how to make booby traps"

MEH: nice!

The Average Broad: how the hell did google generate that?

MEH: booby traps will come handy in the zombie apocalypse

The Average Broad: where do i say anything about booby traps?

The Average Broad: they post ads based on your post content

The Average Broad: like, there are a lot of ads about bartending

The Average Broad: and alcohol and stuff

MEH: haha you lush

The Average Broad: why yes, pot, i AM black

The Average Broad: i mean, i feel like google jumped the gun here and now i *have* to post something about booby traps

The Average Broad: otherwise it's FALSE ADVERTISING

The Average Broad: do you see how they did that there? google has effectively made me their bitch. first china made google *their* bitch, and now google's taking it out on the little people

The Average Broad: WELL PLAYED, GOOGLE.

MEH: dude, i never understood the meaning of that kettle saying

The Average Broad: the pot calling the kettle black. because they are both black, and probably racist

MEH: yeah, i knew the racist undertone

MEH: like shit telling vomit it stinks

The Average Broad: oh wow, that is a decidedly more visceral version

The Average Broad: but yeah, same thing

MEH: hah

The Average Broad: maybe i will just post a blog with this conversation, since i've already talked about booby traps and therefore met my quota according to google

MEH: perfect

MEH: boobs

The Average Broad: NOW it's perfect, right?

MEH: i wanted you to get more diverse advertising

The Average Broad: do you think it'll be bras or porn now?

MEH: porn. it'll go well with the booze ads

The Average Broad: i'm glad you and google *finally* understand me.

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  1. love, im drunk. and this is awesome. WOOT! looks like we both had...had...had...whats that word where it means you got what you wanted to get done?...we both had...PRODUCTIVE days! YES! go us!


    also, im going to check this romorrow when im not drunk and hope i spelled stuff right.