Monday, January 3, 2011

It's January and I'm relatively uninspired.

So apparently I was somewhat naughty last month because I only posted twice and I see that's the lowest number of posts that I've averaged, but considering my first post ever bitched about how I have a problem with keeping up with blogs and journals and diaries, I'd say overall I did okay with posting sort of regularly in 2010.

Sweet. Turns out that when you meet low expectations, you feel just as accomplished as when you meet lofty expectations. Here's to standards and having low ones!

Everyone is busy posting "Best of 2010" garbage on their blogs. Ef that business. I've already discussed New Year's and resolutions and frankly, when it comes to bad habits, either don't have them or be really good at them.

My plan was to usher in 2011 with a day of productivity and verve, but I was hungover and stayed in bed all day trying not to vomit, so I suppose I at least succeeded at being really good at one of my bad habits and at least that's something, right?

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