Thursday, May 13, 2010

I really love famous people. Mostly.

Last night, J.R. and I met up with another friend of ours from our internship days at this really pretentious, but reeeally delicious burger joint downtown. J.R. and I showed up at about the same time, but because said burger joint is on the small side, we had to wait outside for our fellow ex-intern to arrive. While I was regaling J.R. with my theories about Hot Musician and how I'm pretty sure he's annoyed with me, I watched a random white minivan pull up to the valet. A good-looking, slender hipster type got out of the driver's side and walked around to open the passenger door for: Molly Shannon.

They walked up to where J.R. and I were standing (well, I was more like, gawking) and proceeded to wait for their own table. I tried repeatedly to mouth "Oh my God, J.R.! Molly Shannon!" and give the big dude-look-behind-you-right-now! eyes, but J.R. just thought I was being crazy and mouthing something about Chinese people.

You may think that it's not a big deal, but I happen to love Molly Shannon. I think she's hilarious and has an awesome, unique smile. She's all teeth! I love it. Anyway, I was desperately trying to think of something mind-blowing to say to her so that I could say, "I talked to Molly Shannon one time!" but all I could do was stare at her shoes because she was wearing these insane platform stilettos that I fell in love with and by the time I thought about asking her where she got them, she and her dining partner had already been seated. Damn. I was *thisclose* to having some substance to this story.

I know a lot of people in L.A. that are totally unimpressed with the idea of the celebrity. They're everywhere! Truthfully, I still get excited when I see them out and about acting like real people - yep, I'll admit it. I haven't yet lived in Los Angeles so long as to become jaded when someone from "the teevee!" or "the movies!" ends up standing next to me by a valet. Unless, of course, they're some d-list dbag who wants to talk to you about all the accomplishments that you've never heard of and all you can do is just stand there staring at them thinking, "dude, why are you wearing so much foundation?"

:: Shrugs ::. It happens.

And that's how I almost met Molly Shannon.

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