Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Text Progressions

TAB: "But what does the party bus go somewhere? To a club?"

Billie: "The party bus IS the club."'

TAB: "Does it go anywhere though?"

Billie: "It's a bus. It drives around."

TAB: "Is that it? Where though? I don't get it."

Billie: "Just show up and be pretty."


"Chasing whiskey with champagne is a very party bus thing to do. The French are here. Mon Dieu!"


"Let's make out and I want a cheeseburger."


"Idk. I passed out at 4am on my couch with my heels on and a burger in my hand."


"Awesome. Hungover and bruised on my feet (yeah idk.). So much hangover. Beer pong at Billie's later??"


"Do you remember how I bruised my hand? Hurts like a mofo and makes me look like I have an abusive husband."


"Dude, I have stories to tell you but it's too much to txt. Emailing now."

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