Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts Before A Date

I have a date tonight with another L.A. music journalist-type. Noting the rather alarming ratio of my bad dates to good dates, I feel that this could really go either way to the extreme. My time with eharmony guy is usually fun, but I've never felt anything to the extreme such as, "You're the choicest of fellows. Let's gallop down the aisle and squirt out some babies," or "You repulse me in ways I cannot even begin to describe." Things are lovely, and mellow.

Here are the reasons why I feel tonight will be Dating X-TREME:

1. I met this journalist fellow at an editorial networking event when I was two Jack and Cokes in and trying to strike up conversations with anyone within a 10-foot radius. Probably quite loudly, and probably giggling rather insanely at my jokes falling flat with everyone else. Having whiskey for dinner usually impairs my judgment of people, but to be fair, I am a horribly naive judge of character as it is. My hazy opinions from a slightly-intoxicated state are thus null and void.

2. My initial impressions of Journalist Guy were: "why is he sitting alone at a networking event?" "why does he frown so much?" and then upon talking to him: "he does not laugh at my jokes or humor, but he does not run from me either" "is he being bitter or is his humor extra dry?" and finally: "I just spent an hour trying to make this odd man laugh" "is now a good time for a dead baby joke? Did he just judge me for loving the Gaga? Did he really just ask for my number?"

3. Sweet but *super* awkward voicemail. Funny but judgmental text messages about my love of The Distillers. However, proposed the date without hesitation and confidently said he would pick me up at 8. I like that he took the initiative and didn't do the whole "What time do you wanna go? 7? Is 6 too early? 9? Where do you wanna eat? What kind of food do you like? How are you at making decisions?" but am also concerned about *possible* pretentious and/or Type A leanings.

Other things on my mind about this event:
- Should I drink beforehand?
- Can I wait that long to eat dinner?
- Maybe I should eat beforehand.
- Now that I know he doesn't like the Gaga and The Distillers, that's all I feel like listening to right now. This may mean there is something bratty deep within my soul.
- I can't remember what shoes he was wearing at the networking thing. For those of you confused by this, trust me when I tell you I can tell more about a man by the style of his shoes than after an hour of conversation with him.

I've spoken to EM and MEH about this and they both have a wait-and-see 'tude about it. And so we shall.

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  1. You are probably not seeking advice, but I will be giving it to you anyways...

    I say drink before hand, not in a topsy-turvy sort of way mind you, but more of a "first drink after a day at the office." Even better would be, if he is knocking on your door, have the drink in hand and offer one to him.

    don't eat before hand, one thing that most men HATE is when he is the only one eating; a lady with a joke salad and her man with a steak says more about her than it does him.

    music is music and should bring up a discussion on the fallacies or awesomes of whatever is on; then again if he is picking you up, he would be driving so i dont know how much control you will have over this. The other option is to be mildly assertive and attack the radio.

    hopefully he will be wearing something pleasurable on his feet when you do indeed see him. "Hope for the best and expect the worst" comes to mind.