Thursday, April 1, 2010

Decisions, decisions.

Reasons Why I Am Not Ready For My Date With EHarmony Guy:

1. I had whiskey for dinner last night.

2. "You look... uneven," a coworker said to me this morning. "Did you sleep in your makeup? You only have eyeliner on one eye."

"Ugh. Which one?"

"That one."

::wipes eyeliner off eyeball::


She walked away shaking her head.

3. I need to be writing, editing and posting.

4. Too tired to get cute, too tired to be witty, too tired to write in complete sentences.

Reasons Why I Am Ready For My Date With EHarmony Guy:

1. He sends me text messages that make me laugh really loud alone in my office, thus giving my coworkers the impression that I am insane.

2. Potential for Guinness for dinner.

3. It's Thursday and I have no plans tomorrow night, which gives me the opportunity to lounge around the apartment in a wifebeater and boxers, drink wine from the bottle and do as much writing as possible.

4. I think I forgot how much I like boys. I'm starting to remember that it's a LOT.

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