Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Before I tell you my name, I'd actually rather you didn't talk to me.

Okay, let's try this one more time.

For me, feelings of extreme sadness are fleeting. I'm easily distractable. EM text-convinced me to go get margaritas at Chili's happy hour, and I'm thinking today is the perfect day for them.

Other random distractable things:
- I'm wearing my pirate boots today, but one of the heels squeaks a bit when I walk. It's annoying, but I love my boots so much I kind of don't care it sounds like a horror movie basement scene whenever I return to the coffee machine.
- I decided that I'm going to suck up my fear of feet phobias and get a pedicure before I go to the BeHills store for my dream Loubs.
- I'm going to go shopping this weekend and fix the disaster that is my wardrobe. I keep thieving EM's sweater and I think it longs to be back in her side of the apartment. It will need a replacement before this happens.
- I voiced my creative rut problems to a friend who lunched in my office today, and he gave me some really great suggestions: clean your room (clean your mind), relax and take a breather (thank you, shopping trip of future), and do something fun. Maybe if I'm not too drunk tonight, I'll start cleaning my room or writing my short story for the Writer's Workshop of Death.
- My hair refuses to behave and I need to do something with it. Maybe pick a new color... and fight the urge to chop it all off.

There might be more to this post later, again... depending on how drunk I get. Let's hope I don't get drunk enough to text TOL. Quel disastre!

In other news, two sales execs in my office just prank called the corporate office, and my boss yelled at me about not eating enough fruit.

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