Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Nights With Troglodytes

Well, I'm still keeping up with this blog-a-day business. Last night I had a stupendously drunken time out with EM, TL and EM's boyfriend at his wrap party. Drank mucho, was repeatedly groped by enough d-bags to start a fraternity, very nearly punched a swaying, incoherent stranger who kissed my neck, and chatted with a guy at the bar who made me remember why I suck at dating.

"Are these yours?" he asked, gesturing to numerous empty glasses at the bar.
"Yes," I said. "Every single glass on this bar is mine. I was quite thirsty."
He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, trying to figure out if I was either an alcoholic or just a bitch. I could see the wheels a-turnin'.
"Here," I said, sliding an empty shot glass over to him as I collected the round of beers I had purchased. "Have a shot on me."
"You're sassy. I think I might like that," he charmed. Or tried to, at least. I stared.
"Don't think about it too hard. Cheers." I walked away with my beers. Upon reflection, perhaps I should have tried harder. Made small talk. Said something else "sassy." Tried to flirt. Whatever. I was too busy having fun. The music at the bar was like taking a step back in time and we all enjoyed dancing to 90s R&B hits and Gaga.

Today, fighting a hangover, I did the day date coffee thing with eHarmony guy. So far, a success. He was funny and sweet, and we enjoyed a couple hours of effortless chatter. I feel like it's an actual step back into a social life and farther away from the devastating wake of TOL. We'll see how it goes. In regards to eHarmony - I bid them adieu and closed my account today. While it may have been a great way to meet people, it was a little too intense for me. It'll give me lots of information to write about, but I don't think I'm ready for the Internet equivalent of a Yiddish matchmaker foisting gents upon me. Keeping up with the emails is a job in its own, and I already have enough work as it is. There's probably more I could write about it, but it's raining softly, my bed is toasty, and David Attenborough's soothing Planet Earth narrative is slowly lulling me to sleep. Until tomorrow...

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