Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF: Thank Gaga It's Friday.

For some reason, I've been having a lot of dreams about Dita von Teese lately. This is weird in itself because for the most part, I never remember my dreams. I guess when your subconscious has you making out with a famous burlesque dancer and your Dad walks in, there's something odd going on. I do remember her having a great red lipstick, though.

"Let's take stock of my love life, shall we?" I asked a close friend of mine today. "I'm having homosexually inspired dreams of Dita von Teese, the closest thing I have to a relationship is the video game time I'm logging in with Kratos from God of War, and the one potential date is with a guy from eHarmony who thinks I'm some kind of 'bad girl.'" He was sympathetic. Another friend, however, suggested I just get a cat and be done with it. Maybe I'll start knitting or scrapbooking, too. Screw it.

In other news, I'm 98% sure my office thinks my job is useless, evidenced by the fact that my bosses keep trying to stick me with random tasks that have nothing to do with my job description. Perhaps I'm supposed to represent some sort of catch-all, like that junk drawer you have in your kitchen - or in my case, entire bedroom. Regardless, it's irritating because most (okay, some) of the time, I work really hard and frankly, I don't have time to be your junk drawer. I'm protesting by blogging at work. Suck it. One day, I'll hear back from one the countless editorial jobs that I've applied to in New York and this won't matter.

Bad things about today:

-I forgot my lunch today, thought I lost my glasses yesterday, and am having memory problems in general which makes me feel like I'm closing in on some younger strain of Alzheimer's.

-Random realizations about my ridiculous love life.

-Still no news about Mamma-San's most recent cancer scan.

-P.S. I'm really hungry because I forgot my lunch.

Good things about today:

- I'm wearing my new nOir spike rings from that would leave horrible dents in a person's face, should I choose to punch them.

- I'm going out with EM and her boyfriend to his productions wrap party, where EM and I will get to play Surly Artsy Types, drink in the corner, and judge people.

-No cancer news is *usually* good news.

Okay, divide and conquer. It's Friday, let's stick with the good things.

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