Monday, March 8, 2010

Bowling With Napalm

Sometimes at work, I stave off boredom by entertaining myself with my coworkers. I know you're thinking that my glorious grid monkey job could not possibly be boring, but you'd be wrong. Below is one of the conversations that I had today with my close friend/coworker/fellow writer, MEH.

The Average Broad: I really want to try to get press coverage of punk rock bowling this year. I think I'm gonna email the press guy and see if we can get hooked up.
The Average Broad: I def don't want to bowl, but hot damn, it would be sweet to cover that lineup
MEH: bowling's fun!
The Average Broad: bowling is the worst of the white trash sports
MEH: I thought that honor belonged to nascar
The Average Broad: no, it's right above frog gigging. NASCAR at least has the possibility of explosions. Get out of here unless that bowling ball is filled with napalm.
MEH: only explosions I've seen at nascar events is the condiments rack letting out too much mustard/ketchup
The Average Broad: that sounded vaguely like food porn, and I didn't say it happened EVERY time.
The Average Broad: that makes me want to steer clear of condiments.

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