Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi New Blog!

I am a wannabe-writer-type who sucks at keeping up with blogs, diaries, journals... pretty much anything you have to write on a daily basis. Today, however, I've decided to get on the bandwagon with the rest of the blogging sheep. It might be fun. It might feel like work. More than likely, I'll only update it when I want to procrastinate from the writing that I already *have* to do.

What is The Average Broad? An absolutely average broad - no foolin'. I have a boring job of drudgery 9-to-5 that actually goes from 7-to-4, 5ish that involves a lot of skill with an Excel spreadsheet and a completely outdated DOS-like system. You're already bored, which is fine. So am I. Additionally, I'm a struggling writer, which basically means that I spend almost all of my free time writing stuff and trying ceaselessly to get paid for it, all while hunting for the elusive magazine masthead job.

Why should you care? You probably shouldn't. I have no idea why you're reading this, but I'm sure you have your reasons. The Average Broad is just an average broad taking solace in her own literary catharsis.

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